Expresswoman delivers loving care to elderly empty-nesters

LONDON: A parcel delivery lady augments her duties also delivering care to elderly empty-nesters.

When delivering parcels, Hu Xia envisions carrying love and care for those who miss their family from far away.

The expresswoman in Jinping, a remote village in central China’s Hunan Province, handles over 200 parcels each day, most of which are sent to the aged empty-nesters in the village from their family whose workplaces are distant from there.

Xiao Xiangxiang, 67, received a parcel of clothes from her son, whom she had not seen for almost a year. As her son, in his 40s, has worked outside the village for more than 10 years, Xiao takes care of her two grandsons while doing farmwork to make ends meet.

Hu said most of the villagers are elderly empty-nesters and children. “A majority of the parcels are sent from their families who work far away. Every parcel is a symbol of family affection,” she added.

“Previously, the villagers needed to fetch parcels in nearby towns, which was quite inconvenient, especially for the elderly,” Hu said.

Joining hands with a variety of logistics enterprises, Leiyang City, which administers the village, has established a comprehensive service system that covers more than 370 villages across the city. Now a doorstep delivery service is accessible to every villager.

With the development of e-commerce in rural areas, the circulation of goods between urban and rural areas is increasing in the city. “The rise in express delivery reflects economic development,” said Luo Yi, Party chief of Huangshi Township in the city. “It has become a trend for villagers to buy and sell products through e-commerce.”

“The relevant departments of the city government have adopted various policies including subsidizing companies to train e-commerce talents in rural areas,” said Pang Siping, an official with the city’s bureau of commerce and food.

By the end of 2022, the express delivery services in rural areas of China will be significantly enhanced, with all eligible villages having access to the services, according to a three-year action plan released by the State Post Bureau.