New multigenerational transit-oriented community set for development

LONDON: A new multigenerational transit-oriented community is being planned for a mid-city regeneration site.

A new neighbourhood might be coming to Bolton and so far, the plans are looking to change the way Caledon residents get around.

The development applicant, Glen Schnarr and Associates on behalf of the landowners, is proposing that the new neighbourhood, called “Caledon Station,” will be a “transit-oriented community” north of King Street, near Humber Station Road and The Gore Road.

This means the neighbourhood would be centred around a mobility transit hub consisting of pedestrian walkways, public transit, cycling and vehicle connections.

The town’s goal for the hub is that a Caledon GO station will be built in this area to provide residents with a way to travel by rail to other municipalities, mainly the city of Toronto.

Bolton senior Nora Martin said at a planning and development meeting on Nov.9 that she “enthusiastically” supports the project and that it could be “positive” for the increasing older adult demographic.

She said not having to drive on the highways to get to and from a subway stop is her “dream.”

“I would be thrilled to get on a train to take me to the big city, Toronto, and other parts of the GTA.”

Martin is also the past president of the Caledon Seniors Centre.

“Creating an inclusive community is essential to keeping our seniors healthy and interested in living a full life filled with all that is offered close at hand,” said Martin.

The project proposal submitted at the meeting said the mixed-use community will encourage activity throughout the day and evening, will have a range of housing types, walkable neighbourhoods, smart technologies for broadband connection, a new secondary school, and various open-space parks.

“When it comes to building a more sustainable future, we know business as usual is not an option,” said director and volunteer member of EcoCaledon, Lucrezia Chiappetta, at the meeting.

EcoCaledon is a non-profit organization that works to protect Caledon’s environment. The organization worked alongside the Caledon Station project team to offer sustainable ideas for the new community.

“We will continue to provide feedback and challenge the project team to ensure that sustainability remains at the forefront of this community development, for example, the addition of green space and including more sustainable heating options, like geothermal,” said Chiappetta.

The new community will also tackle Caledon’s growth plans to create new jobs and more housing for residents as the population is projected to increase in the coming years.

“The (designated) ‘provincially significant employment zone’ adjacent to Caledon Station will help grow job opportunities, support emerging and existing local businesses and stimulate economic growth for all of Caledon and Bolton,” said Anthony Caputo, president of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce in a statement submitted at the Nov. 9 meeting.

The lands that the community would be built on have been approved under the Regional Official Plan Amendment 30 which expanded the settlement area in Bolton.

The properties in this area are subject to a Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) which zones the lands as Mixed Use Residential Zone and Mobility Transit Hub Zone from Prime Agricultural Area.