Plans filed for senior-care facility and office space mix

BOSTON: Plans have been filed seeking a seniors care facility and office use mix to be allowed.

Related Beal this week filed its plans for turning the current 1.2-acre Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology site between Berkeley, Tremont and Appleton streets into a mixed-use complex featuring a new 13-story, 241-bed building for seniors and reuse of the existing Franklin Union building for office space, once the institute moves to its new home on Harrison Avenue in Roxbury.

Under the developer’s plans, filed with the BPDA, the existing Appleton building would be converted into 18 “income-restricted” residential units and a ground-floor cultural space for a non-profit.

The ground floor of the senior-care building, at the corner of Berkeley and Tremont, would be leased as retail space.

The company adds:

The existing Project Site is currently not open to the community, except on limited occasions. The Project’s design will create a new permanent outdoor plaza at the corner of Appleton and Tremont streets that connects to a landscaped open space that traverses through the Project Site to Berkeley Street. Streetscape features including street trees, landscaping, light poles, trash/recycling receptacles, public bike racks and benches will be incorporated and/or enhanced as part of the Project’s associated public realm improvements.

Related Beal says the timing of construction depends on completion of the institute’s new building in Roxbury, but that it hopes to begin 30 months of construction in 2022.