Webinar on Rethinking Seniors Housing Resident Engagement

LONDON: Email “webinar please” if you wish to be invited to join the Rethinking Seniors Housing Resident Engagement via technology discourse.

Why is resident engagement vital within seniors housing communities? How has resident engagement changed during COVID? How can operators create a better living experience for residents, while also creating staff and operational efficiencies?

Tune in for an upcoming discussion to understand how new technology can improve the quality of life for seniors while reducing operator costs.

The best seniors housing operators will forever be looking to boost staff efficiencies — especially in this labor-challenging pandemic environment — while also increasing occupancy. Therefore, operators must deliver services to residents more strategically and streamline engagement in residents’ respective communities … or even in the homes of future prospective residents.

In a webinar, “Rethinking Seniors Housing Resident Engagement: Technology That Improves Staff Efficiencies While Enhancing the Resident Experience,” viewers will learn about best-in-class technology and rollout practices that can result in operator top line growth and improved resident quality of life.

Among the topics that will be discussed:

What technology is best in class and why?
Real-life applications and benefits of the very same technology in senior living communities, as well as in homes