Omnicell launches report on reducing medication errors

LONDON: Banishing Medication Errors in Primary Care (Safeguarding Against Frontline Errors) report – which launched earlier this month (October 3) – Omnicell argues that technology “helps to dramatically reduce the risk of medication errors”.

It also found that technology “frees up valuable pharmacy time” spent on managing stock and filling in “medicine adherence packaging”, which can instead be spent on face-to-face patient care, it added.

“With ever-increasing pressures on demand, time and resources…the risk of medication errors in primary care is rising,” Omnicell claimed.

The campaign, which uses the #BanishMedErrors hashtag, aims to “drive real change and awareness of the role that technology can play in tackling the problem”, the company said.

Omnicell UK & Ireland managing director Paul O’Hanlon said: “It is imperative that safety measures are put in place to ensure that patients are taking the right dose of the right medicine at the right time.”